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Flower Lab

Rocket Web Labs designed a new brand identity, website, and marketing strategy for Flower Lab. The dispensary's new visual identity captures the bold vision and culture of its industry. Drawing inspiration from the abstractness of ones conscious, imagination takes the wheel and welcomes you into the wonderful world of Flower Lab, where floral characters are your best friends. We aimed to steer clear of high performance SEO, since being discrete is half the business for Flower Lab. In fact, you won't even find it if you search for it hence why most of you are here. The motto "Flower to the People" embodies the brand's promise to its customers ... promising flower to the people! Overall Flower Lab is stacked with more than meets the eye. We've designed this project to be a multi-million dollar ecommerce site that will have you reconsidering who you get to build your next online store.


Flower Lab


Website, app, email marketing, brand, graphic art

Characters are designed in Adobe Illustrator, then added to Wix Studio layer by layer, creating the illusion of eyes following your cursor's movement.

A fully functional app with the capability to shop, book deliveries, redeem loyalty points, and stay updated on daily deals and new products to hit the shelves.

Some of the endless features include a fully customized online store, member accounts, product reviews, scheduling deliveries, loyalty program, referral program, gift cards, giveaway system, scrolling marquees, CMS, and mega menu.

We gave Flower Lab a fresh new look that supports all breakpoints. Customers can shop their favourite products on their phone, tablet, or computer at any time of the day.

We created the all the artwork you see on Flower Lab. Different styles come together blending realism with abstract illustrations.


Our newsletters hit hard too. Each campaign is strategically set and designed with style. Open and click rates are high because the message is always clear and visually entertaining.